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Barber of Sheffield has a strong history in the supply of medical products into various markets, including mortuary, autopsy, pathology, veterinary, emergency services (including ambulance, fire and police), funeral, university, educational and the disaster relief markets.

We are able to provide a wide range of products including a range of bespoke equipment including such items as stainless steel trolleys and tables, autopsy tables, wash tables, embalming tables, body trays, dissection tables, lifting equipment, concealment trolleys, instrument tables and stretchers.

We also provide a range of consumable medical products including such items as body bags, stainless steel instruments, autopsy saws, scalpel blades, bone forceps and shears, specialized gloves and cleaning products.

We are well known and respected throughout the medical field providing a first class service to our customers.



Our autopsy saws are produced by our sister company Medezine Limited who have being producing
mortuary saws for over 20 years. They are used extensively throughout the world and are
recognised as a leading brand in the autopsy and mortuary market.

We work very closely on product development with our customer to ensure that we build a mortuary
saw that meets the requirement of the autopsy market.

2011 saw us move into the plaster saws market where we offer a great range of plaster saws and a complete range of stainless steel plaster instruments.



Barber of Sheffield offer a range of tattoo and piercing equipment trading through the name Barber
DTS We are one of the largest suppliers in the world of tattoo supplies offering a huge range of stainless
steel tattoo needles, tattoo machines, tattoo tips, tattoo grips, tattoo ink and tattoo power supplies.

We are also UK and European distributors for a number of top names in the tattoo industry including
Eternal tattoo ink, Intenze tattoo ink, Silverback tattoo ink, Kuro Sumi tattoo ink, Eikon, Stigma Tattoo,
Dragonfly,Tattoo Goo, Kev Shercliff and the Cheyenne Hawk.

Our commitment to our customers in this fast moving tattoo industry is to offer as
wide a range as possible with same day despatch.



Barber of Sheffield has a long tradition with stainless steel and trades with companies throughout the world in providing high quality specialised surgical needles.

We offer a huge range of stainless steel needles including eyed suture needles, drilled and suture needles, hypodermic needles, sternal needles, channel needles ,tattooing needles, body piercing needles and blades.

We produce a huge range of be spoke needles for many different markets (not just medical) that can be produced in both small and large volume.

We are one of the only companies left in the UK that can provide such a vast range of needles from stock and that can also listen to our customers to provided the needle they require for their particular application.



Barber of Sheffield is the leading supplier of eyed suture needles into the UK veterinary market with a range that covers overs 2000 variants including regular suture needles and spring eyed suture needles.

Having worked closely with the veterinary profession over that last 20 years we have also designed a range of specialist animal infusion products, including giving sets, extension sets, scalp vein sets, intravenous cannulae and transfusion sets. On top of our stainless steel suture needles we can also provide a complete range of stainless steel instruments, including forceps, scissors needle holders and bull rings.

We produce a huge range of be spoke needles for many different markets (not just medical) that can be produced in both small and large volume.

All our products are available throughout the UK Veterinary wholesalers in the UK but we also export our range worldwide.